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Canine Nutrition Supplement

Specifically formulated for canines, Unleashed is unlike any other supplement on the market. It is packed with the benefits of Omega-3 from Cold Milled Flax along with a proprietary all-natural microbial ingredient that feeds your canine’s healthy gut flora while working to neutralize the negative bacteria throughout the digestive tract. Select natural berries are added to provide powerful antioxidants to combat free radicals and provide additional health to the liver, eyes, bones, teeth, brain, and heart. Unleashed promotes a strong and robust immune system, maintains a healthy coat/skin, supports strong athletic and reproductive performance, maintains proper gut/digestive integrity, and MORE! Unleashed will enhance your canine’s diet and overall health to make for a happy and joyful life!

All-natural and an excellent source of Omega-3s and antioxidants.

Daily Feeding Recommendations (based on weight):

  • Under 20lbs: 2 tsp/day
  • 20-40lbs: 2.5 tsp/day
  • 40-60lbs: 1 tbsp/day
  • 60-80lbs: 1.5 tbsp/day
  • 80-100lbs: 2 tbsp/day
  • 100lbs+: 2.5 tbsp/day

Sprinkle or mix Unleashed into your canine friend’s raw, dry, or wet food according to weight daily or every time you refill their bowl. Due to the high fat and fiber content, gradually work up to the recommended daily serving over the course of 8-10 days. This product is intended for supplemental feeding only. 1lb ≈ 60 day supply for medium sized canine.