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Outlaw Nutrition isn't just a brand, it's a movement. Built on the bedrock of loyalty, honesty, and integrity, we're dedicated to fueling the dreams of animal owners and trainers who refuse to settle for average or ordinary. We believe animal nutrition is the secret weapon to unleashing excellence, and our Band of Outlaws Sponsored Riders and Ambassadors embody this spirit. We’ve joined forces with these relentless individuals providing world-class supplements and unwavering support for their journey.


Breeana Robinette

Rock Spring, GA

Breeana Robinette is from Rock Spring, GA, and currently uses Outlaw Nutriton’s Big Hoss equine supplement and the Unleashed canine supplement. Breeana and her father met Outlaw Nutriton at the 2023 Kentucky 3-Day Event in Lexington, KY. They were having trouble with a few of their hard-keeping Thoroughbreds holding weight and were looking for something to help remedy the problem. After learning how Big Hoss could help with their current issue and more, they elected to give it a try. She couldn’t be happier with the results.

She was looking for a supplement to add extra fat and fiber to the diet of her horses. She had tried a couple of other options, but none of them attained the desired results. Given that Breeana actively competes in 1* and 2* eventing, horse nutrition is a top priority. Her horses need to be feeling and looking good every time she gets on them. After a couple of months of using Big Hoss, she knew she had the right product. Her horses’ coats and skin conditions improved dramatically, and they were starting to hold their weight more efficiently. After 6 months of use, every horse in her barn is supplemented with Big Hoss and they all stay shiny and at a healthy weight, even while in training.

Breeana says, “Not only did Big Hoss provide what I was looking for, but it has also aided in joint health, immune health, and digestive help. Now all my horses are holding their weight better and have a beautiful coat to back it up.”

She stays very busy with her equestrian lifestyle and is a member of several equine clubs and associations. She was a USEA Emerging Athletes 21 Regional and National selection for 2022 and 2023, made the USEA Young Riders Championship 2* and 1* teams for 2021 and 2022, placed 5th in the Open Modified Division at the 2023 USEA American Eventing Championships, and finished in 3rd place in the Prelim Rider Division at the 2023 USEA American Eventing Championships. Her goal is to continue to work hard and get better every day to progress and compete at the 3* level.

As for the use of the Unleashed supplement for her dog, Breeana says, “Unleashed has helped our family dog a lot. She has skin allergies and since we started using it, she hasn’t been nearly as itchy as she has in the past.”

Outlaw Nutrition is very grateful to have a young lady like Breeana part of our team. We look forward to being part of her journey.

To follow along with Breeana, be sure to check out her Instagram account.

Ashley Bump

Brooksville, FL

Ashley Bump returns for her third year as a Band of Outlaws member hailing from Brooksville, FL. She currently is Director at Off Track Transformations, INC where Outlaw Feed products have become a staple in her feeding program.

Ashley is heavily involved in barrel racing and a regular at the RRP Thoroughbred Makeover in Kentucky, which is where she learned of our products in the fall of 2019. Since that time, she has been using Big Hoss and Cold Milled Flax and has noticed not only “significant” improvements in shine and muscling, but enhanced weight maintenance, energy, and overall health of her horses. She loves how the products are affordable and easy to use with her horses eating them right out of her hand. “My horses are physically healthy looking and Outlaw Feed products have completely changed my feed program for the better,” says Ashley.

Being a multi-year qualifier for the NBHA Worlds and finishing 8th overall in the 2019 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover in barrels, 4th overall in the 2021 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover in barrels while also securing 12th with her second mount in Ranch Work and plans to attend the 2022 Makeover with her mount AriesBerg “Aries” for barrels. With her love of thoroughbreds, being the director of the second career training and rehab program at Off Track Transformations,INC is her passion. They are a fully licensed 501c3 and have started their Military Veteran Horsemanship Scholarship fund to allow veterans to find a place to not only get away from the pressures of life and unleash their inner horseman, all at no cost to them! They currently accept donations towards rehab/therapy equipment, care for horses needing homes, as well as a plethora of aids to make sure each TB has the best chance at success during such a huge transition from track life to “normal horse” life. She “lives” for her horses.

Ashley routinely posts updates on social media so give her a follow. Her enthusiasm is contagious and we’re lucky to have her as part of our team. We’re excited to be a passenger on her journey in 2022.

Brooke Drewlow

Ellsworth, WI

Brooke Drewlow of Little Lake Equestrian is out of Ellsworth, WI returns for another year as a member of our Band of Outlaws. Not only do her horses get our products, but her dogs, cattle, goats, and poultry do too. She is feeding our entire catalog and loving the results on all her animals.

Brooke’s main discipline is Cowboy Mounted Shooting while also competing in WSCA gaming events and training her horses and show team members. They have 20-25 mounted shooting events planned so far this year and are looking at potentially adding more. They’ll be attending MN, IA, and WI state shoots and conclude with the CMSA Worlds in October. She and her team continue to get better every show.

Brooke’s biggest goal this year is getting her two young mares going along with helping her team members as much as possible. She foresees a large amount of time spent training this year but knows that time and hard work will pay off in the end. She is dedicated to her team and her animals. She says Outlaw Feed products have proven benefits for all the animals and are very easy to feed.

Brooke loves to share on her social media channels. Be sure to check the links below to get updates. Little Lake Equestrian is growing by leaps and bounds and we’re grateful for being part of it.

Riley Ebert

Mayer, MN

Riley Ebert is a first-year Band of Outlaws member and is from Mayer, MN. She is a little sparkplug and will be competing in 25-50 events this season. State level WSCA, NBHA, PEWC, and 4-H shows are on her calendar along with being a regular face at Little Britches Rodeo events in MN, TX, and other states. She will also make her appearance at the National Little Britches Finals Rodeo in Guthrie, OK.

Riley uses our Cold Milled Flax and Big Hoss to keep her horses looking and feeling like champions. Improvements in digestion and coat health are just a couple of the benefits her horses have shown. She loves the fact these products come from a company in here home state of MN.

She’s a very driven 10-year-old determined to reach her big rodeo dreams. Her main Mount is a 17-year-old horse named Wahoo and they are currently sitting in the top 30 nationally for pole bending in Little Britches. She never stops learning and is always looking for advice from more experienced riders to help her improve. Goal #1 for 2022 is to qualify for the American as well as Little Britches Nationals in barrels, poles, goat tying, and ribbon roping. Ambition is not one of her shortcomings. Outlaw Feed is excited she is bringing us along for the ride.

Riley just started an Instagram account so be sure to give her a follow and cheer her on as the season progresses. We can hardly wait.

Jaylynn Frandrup

Hastings, MN

Jaylynn Frandrup returns for another year as a Band of Outlaws member. She is from Hastings, MN and is currently attending South Dakota State University. She actively participates in Dressage and plans to participate in roughly 10 shows this season. Big Hoss and our Hemp Seed Pellets have become staples in her feed program. She has seen dramatic improvement in her horse’s gut health as he is not as sensitive at the sides and is rideable again. She also loves the small natural ingredient list of all our products.

In addition to being a full-time student, Jaylynn belongs to FFA, APHA, US Dressage Federation, USEF, Central States Dressage and Eventing Assoc along with working at two horse barns. She is not afraid of work. Goals for this upcoming season are keeping herself and her horse healthy and showing in Level I Dressage tests. We’ll be rooting for her all season.

Jaylynn is active on social media, so please be sure to check out the links below. Outlaw Feed is thrilled to have her as part of our team again for 2022.

Amelia Johnson

Saginaw, MN

Amelia Johnson is out of Saginaw, MN and joins us for a third year as a Band of Outlaws member. She uses our Cold Milled Flax and Big Hoss supplement and loves how they support the overall health of her animals and improve coat shine. She competes locally in barrel racing and WSCA events and plans on making it out to numerous shows for the 2022 season.

She is part of the PEWC, NBHA, MPBA and has multiple placings and awards from her competitions. She also volunteers her time to 4-H teaching clinics and her photography skills to a local snowmobile club. Amelia does not have any trouble staying busy with her horses.

Amelia likes how economical, high-quality, and easy to use Outlaw Feed products are. She gets multiple benefits from just one product and her horses not only look fantastic; they love eating the product.

Be sure to check out Amelia’s progress for 2022 through the social media links below. We’re excited she has joined us for a third year and look to see more accomplishments throughout the upcoming season.

Allison Kavey

Millbrook, NY

Allison Kavey joins us for a second year as a member of our Band of Outlaws. She is a Grand Prix dressage rider who runs Rivendell Dressage in Millbrook, NY and winters in Wellington, FL. She enjoys bringing horses along from breaking through the FEI and hopes to represent the United States in international competition. So far, she has done so in Canada twice. She also teaches riders of all ability levels and English disciplines, focusing especially on eventing and hunters.

She is proud to be a team member of Outlaw Feed, who make consistently wonderful products that help keep her horses in top shape for competition. Her favorite is the Cold Milled Flax, but she looks forward to trying Big Hoss!

Check the web and social media links below to keep abreast of Allison and her horses. We’re thankful for her allowing us to be part of her program.

Lockstep Riding Company

West Salem, WI

Teresa Sauerbry

Strawberry Point, IA

First year Band of Outlaws member Teresa Sauerbry joins our team from Strawberry Point, IA. She has numerous animals on her farm and mainly rides in Western disciplines. She is a lifetime member of AQHA, NFQHA, FQHR, and APHA along with holding membership in IQHA. She’s looking to promote her stallions and compete with her younger stock this 2022 season.

Teresa uses our Cold Milled Flax and loves the results she is getting with improved coat shine and color along with her older mares maintaining weight much easier. She has other types of animals on her farm and is looking to start using Stocked Up, Unleashed, and Hempseed pellets to keep them all growing and healthy.

We’re excited to have Teresa as part of our team for 2022 and can’t wait to hear what she says about our other products.

Ashley Stump

Pittsfield, MA

Like a couple other Band of Outlaws members, Ashley Stump learned of Outlaw Feed at the RRP Thoroughbred Makeover in Lexington, KY. She joins are team for the first time and hails from Pittsfield, MA. She uses our Big Hoss supplement and loves the improvements she is seeing in her horse’s manes, tails, and hoof health. In addition, she was able to eliminate some other supplements saving her time and money.

Ashley grew up riding and competing locally in the WNEPHA and now has her daughter riding alongside her. All of her horses are off-track adoptions which she works with to retrain as hunter jumpers. Now being more experienced, she’s expanded to bigger events out of state and taken home plenty of hardware to fill her mantel with her horses Golden Giant and Petunia Be Careful. She has plans to compete at those regional shows throughout the year and has been accepted into the 2022 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover with a horse by the name of Tenderfoot.

Most of Ashley’s horses come from Rerun Thoroughbred Adoption out of East Greenbush, NY. She occasionally represents them at certain events to show off the new careers of those horses after their time at the track is done. She loves being involved in the off-track scene.

Be sure to follow Ashley on social media to see her progress with Tenderfoot and others. We are excited to have her as part of our team and look forward to seeing what new additions to the mantel she makes in 2022.

Eden Szentes

Hanna City, IL

Eden Szentes is from Hanna City, IL and is a first-year member of our Band of Outlaws. Together with her horse, Diamond, they run about 20 shows a year and regularly compete in NBHA, Little Britches Rodeo, Black Hawk College Series, and more. She is a 2X National Qualifier in barrels and poles to the National Little Britches Rodeo and has finished 5th overall points in the Open 4D at the 4Rocks Arena Winter Series.

This year they are working to get back to the National Finals of the Little Britches Rodeo in Oklahoma and looking forward to having Outlaw Feed’s Big Hoss supplement help keep Diamond and the other horses in the herd in tip-top shape.

Keep an eye on the Outlaw Feed social media channels to get an update on how Eden and Diamond continue to take over the competition. We’re thrilled to have her be part of our Band of Outlaws.

Stacia Tuchscherer

Fond Du Lac, WI

Stacia Tuchscherer joins our Band of Outlaws for a second year. She is from Fond du Lac, WI and is involved in pleasure riding, endurance riding, and trail riding. She currently uses our Cold Milled Flax, Big Hoss, and Hempseed Pellets. She has noticed a better overall quality of health with her animals and improved coat, hair, and hooves as well.

This season she will be looking to get her horses Moe and Leo back into shape and back out on the trails and get in a little practice for a possible endurance event. She has add a foal to her herd and is looking forward to seeing how the Outlaw Feed products aid in the growth of the new addition.

Stacia loves how Outlaw Feed products are not just for performance horses but can be used with pasture pets and everyday companions too. She doesn’t compete 24/7 and likes how flexible the products are. She says, “My two horses are prime examples of what these products can do. Real people getting real results.”

Stacia is a very active member of social media so be sure to check out the links below to catch up on her progress. We look forward to being part of her program again in 2022 and to see that new foal when it arrives.

Maren Vogel

Piermont, NH

Maren Vogel is a first-year member of the Band of Outlaws and hails from Piermont, NH. Maren was introduced to our Big Hoss supplement during the 2021 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover in Lexington, KY and has seen HUGE improvements in her mare’s weight management, topline, coat quality, and appetite. Maren has made nutrition a top priority for her program and loves how easily Big Hoss fits in.

Suffering a serious riding accident this past summer kept her out of competing at the 2021 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover but she is on the mend and is working hard to get back in the saddle and start working with another Thoroughbred prospect.

Maren has been riding and working with horses her entire life. She has numerous honors and awards from the British Horse Society Certification Program and the United States Pony Club along with being a member of the USEF, USEA, USHJA, and has been part of the National Honor Society and 4-H. In addition, she is working on building her equine business, Iron Roots Equestrian, which looks to work with OTTBs on a regular basis.

It's easy to follow Maren on social media and the web with the links below. We are looking forward to having her as part of our Band of Outlaws for the 2022 season.