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Band of Outlaws

We are looking for cowboys, cowgirls, and equestrians from any and all riding disciplines who are interested in becoming part of our team and willing to represent Outlaw Feed and the principles of loyalty, honesty, and integrity. We believe in relationships with riders and stables who are willing to promote the Outlaw Feed brand and are highly motivated to work hard to meet their goals on AND off their horse.

Now accepting 2021 applications! All applications must be received by Feb, 28th, 2021.

Band of Outlaws

Alissa Berry

Sahuarita, AZ

Alissa Berry hails from Sahuarita, AZ, and is a returning member of our Band of Outlaws. She is the owner of High Plains Arena and has four horses named Okie, Lucky, Chili, and Bindi along with participating in Mustang training and hunter/jumper activities. Alissa hosts a number of clinics and events at her arena throughout the season.

This season Alissa would like to expand on the events she is hosting and possibly compete in another Mustant TIP Challenge. If you're in the Sahuarita area, please be sure to stop in and say hi.

Band of Outlaws

Ashley Butler

Cheektowaga, NY

Ashley Butler is from Cheektowaga, New York and is a first time Band of Outlaws member. She competes in barrel racing with her two horses and competes through the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA) and many local rodeos. She attends school full-time and manages her facility that does lessons, boarding, and training. Ashley does rehabilitation and retraining of off-the-track-thoroughbreds (OTTB) and takes in rescues. Her goals for 2020 are to compete in the NBHA Worlds in Perry, Georgia.
Band of Outlaws

Amanda Eggert

Albany, MN

Amanda Eggert is from Albany, Minnesota and is a first time Band of Outlaws member. Her main focus is cow horses where she competes in ranch rodeos and sortings. She is a member of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and will be joining the North Central Sorting Penning and Gaming (NCSPG) in sorting. Amanda is highly active in competitions and her goal for 2020 is to get her two young horses working well in ranch rodeo and sorting to make the state finals.
Band of Outlaws

Amelia Johnson

Saginaw, MN

Amelia Johnson is from Saginaw, Minnesota and is a first time Band of Outlaws member. Her disciplines include barrel racing, pole bending, trail riding, and endurance. She is apart of the United Barrel Racing Association (UBRA) and has won multiple awards through the Western Saddle Clubs Assocation (WSCA), MN State 4-H competition, Breeder's Futurities, and multiple other barrel races.
Amelia plans to go trail riding in different states like Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri. She has a three-year-old at home that is started under saddle, as well as competes with her six-year-old and four-year-old in barrel racing.
Band of Outlaws

Stacy Klaske

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Stacy Klaske is from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin and is a first time Band of Outlaws member. She is highly involved in Gymkhana events like pole bending and barrel racing, where her daughters compete as well. Stacy has an equine massage business called Even Keel Equine Massage and plans to compete in Gymkhanas this summer.
Band of Outlaws

Bobbie Jo Manikowski

Sheyenne, ND

Bobbie Manikowski is from Sheyenne, North Dakota and is a first time Band of Outlaws member. she is involved in ranching, ranch rodeos, and training. She is apart of the North Dakota Stockmen's Association (NDSA), American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), Fort Ransom Arena Association (FRAA), and Hankinson Sandhills Saddle Club (HSHSC). She has won multiple buckles from ranch rodeos, 4-H shows, associated rodeos, and open rodeos.
Bobbie's goals for 2020 are to continue in ranch rodeos and to get a solid foundation on her young horses to use during calving season. She is also involved in the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA), North Dakota Cattle Women's Association (NDCWA), National Rifle Association (NRA), The American Legion Post #0294, and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).
Band of Outlaws

Crystal Moldenhauer

Bloomington, MN

Crystal Moldenhauer is from Bloomington, MN, and is a first year Band of Outlaws member. She is a member of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), Sand Creek Riders Saddle Club, Silver Buckle Saddle Club, Minnesota Valley Riders Saddle Club, and the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA). Crystal is competitive in the Western Saddle Clubs Association (WSCA) where she has won several high points and placed at WSCA Champ Show, as well for DW Production Series Timed Events. Aside from barrel racing, she is a volunteer for Adopt A Husky Minnesota. Crystal’s goal is to win another buckle with one of her two horses.
Band of Outlaws

Karla Riggs

Shevlin, MN

Karla Riggs is from Shevlin, MN, and is a first year Band of Outlaws member. She has competed in the Bagley Classic Barrel Series, Grit and Glam Barrel Series, and Bulls and Barrels. She is a member of the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA) and the Pro Elite World Challenge. Karla has won fourth overall in the Bagley Classic Barrel Series and when she’s not barrel racing, she is involved in 4-H and the shooting sports and wildlife program in her county. Karla is working toward a buckle and improving her barrel run each time.
Band of Outlaws

Cassie Rose

St. Croix Falls, WI

Cassie Rose is from St. Croix Falls, WI, and is a first year Band of Outlaws member. She is the owner of R Squared Ranch where she specializes in gaited horsemanship, breeding, endurance, and all the way to rodeo. She is a part of the Rocky Mountain Horse Association (RMHA), Western Saddle Clubs Association (WSCA), and International Mountain Trail Challenge Association (IMTCA). Aside from horses, Cassie is involved with the International Ice Racing Association (IIRA), graduated from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls on the Dean’s List, was in the top 30 competing in a Triathlon, and many years in 4-H. Cassie’s goals are to improve her horse’s heart rates for endurance, earn top points for trail miles with RMHA, and achieve top 10 in mountain trail.
Band of Outlaws

Maggie Underhill

Hill City, KS

Maggie Underhill is from Hill City, KS, and is a first year Band of Outlaws member. She is highly competitive in barrel racing and is a part of many associations like BBR, BRF, NBHA, KPRA, and NE4D. Maggie has qualified and won many awards and money earnings. When not in the saddle competing, she is involved in FFA, basketball and pep club. Maggie’s top priority is that her horse is healthy and feeling good, which makes Outlaw Feed proud to provide her horse with the fuel it needs for competing.
Band of Outlaws

Melissa Williams/Tim Wampfler

Shafer, MN

Melissa Williams and Tim Wampfler are from Shafer, MN, and are second year Band of Outlaws members. Melissa competes in barrel racing and English pleasure and is apart of many associations such as: Better Barrel Races (BBR), National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA), Wild River Riders Saddle Club, Western Saddle Clubs Association (WSCA), Pinto Horse Association (PtHA), and the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). She has won many earnings at barrel racing jackpots, Top Ten & Top Five in hunt seat and driving at the WSCA Champ Show, along with high point pleasure winner. Aside from equine related associations, Melissa belongs to the Minnesota Dental Assisting Association and Tim belongs to the American Farriers Association and World Championship Blacksmiths. Melissa’s goals are to improve her skills with each of her horses, travel, teach her pony to drive, and win an average buckle.
Band of Outlaws

Ashley Wright

Ramsey, MN

Ashley Wright is from Ramsey, MN, and is a second year Band of Outlaws member. She has many horses and specializes in the western utility horse and vaulting. She is a part of associations like Northern Lakes Vaulting, AVA, and USEF. Ashely has won first, second, and fourth place in the 2019 Vaulting Nationals. She utilizes both our Cold Milled Flax and Big Hoss supplement and has seen multiple improvements in her horses, as well as her super hard keepers. Ashley always strives for her horses to get strong and better in each discipline.
Band of Outlaws

Krista Wuebkers

Osakis, MN

Krista Wuebkers is from Osakis, MN, and is a first year Band of Outlaws member. She is highly involved in multiple associations like: Rambling Riders Saddle Club, American Paint Horse Association (APHA), Appaloosa Horse Club, and Arabian Horse Association (AHA). She is also a part of Duck Unlimited and Pheasants Forever. Krista graduated from the University of Minnesota - Crookston, with a Bachelor’s in Equine Science. Krista qualified for the WSCA Champ Show in two and three year-old snaffle bit western pleasure.
Band of Outlaws

Natalie Zuccone

Somerset, WI

Natalie Zuccone is from Somerset, WI, and is a first year Band of Outlaws member. She is highly competitive in barrel racing and was the 1D Average Champion in 2019 at the Cowgirl Tuff Annual Barrel Race, winning over $6,000 and a saddle. She is a part of the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA), Pro Elite World Challenge (PEWC), and Better Barrel Races (BBR). Natalie works full-time and hosts weeknight jackpot barrel races in Stacy, MN, all while still in college. This year she will be traveling across the United States from Minnesota to Texas and her ultimate goal is to qualify for RFDTV’s The American rodeo.