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Band of Outlaws

Outlaw Feed is proud to announce we’re in search for our 2022 Band of Outlaws. We are looking for individuals who are interested in becoming part of our team and willing to represent Outlaw Feed and the principles of loyalty, honesty, and integrity. To be considered, we require usage of our products for a minimum of three months prior to applying. We believe in relationships with our ambassadors who are willing to promote the Outlaw Feed brand and are highly motivated to work hard to meet their goals.

The 2022 Band of Outlaws application process is now open. Please click the "Apply Now" button for more info and the application. Deadline to submit applications for 2022 is Feb. 28th, 2022. For further information or questions about our program, please email


Band of Outlaws

Alissa Berry

Sahuarita, AZ

Sahuarita, AZ High Plains Arena owner, Alissa Berry, has been a member of our Band of Outlaws since the beginning and she’s back for year three. She stays active in AQHA, APHA, the American Competitive Mustang Club, and the Tucson Saddle Club in addition to tending to her horses. Outside the equine world, she was City Commissioner from 2012-2014 and participates in the American Legion Auxiliary.

Alissa feeds her horses our Cold Milled Flax and saw amazing changes in her horses in a short amount of time. In August of 2020, Alissa rescued Lady, a 17-year-old Andalusian cross, who was in rough shape. “I fed Cold Milled Flax to Lady when I rescued her in August of 2020 and her transformation was amazing. She was back to a healthy weight in just 10 weeks!” she said. She says our Cold Milled Flax played a very instrumental role in getting Lady back in good health so quickly. She loves how soft and shiny the coats are and how it has helped with sunburn in the summer. The fact the product stays fresh in the 110 degree Arizona heat is a bonus to her.

Hosing clinics and competitions are more common on Alissa’s schedule nowadays than attending. She has a few clinics/competitions currently scheduled to host and hopes to add more in the future. Riding lessons to get show-ring ready for the fall, saddle break her 3-year-old mustang, and tune up her other horses are all on this year’s agenda. She is also planning a new venture this fall by offering Fitness Through Equitation lessons on-site to expand her current offering of services.

Alissa is active on social media and always updating her followers. Be sure to follow along to keep informed of her progress. We’re so happy she has joined our team again and look forward to helping her keep her horses in tip-top shape.

Band of Outlaws

April Borovskaya

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

April Boroksaya is from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and participates in dressage and endurance riding. She has over 20 years of experience competing with wins in both AHA and AERC competitions.

April has been riding Arabians her entire life. She has been doing endurance riding for just shy of seven years in the Southeast region in addition to sport horse and dressage. She debuted her new half Arabian gelding in March in dressage and sport horse and they will be doing his first “official” ride in December of this year. She is excited to see how he handles it.

She incorporates Outlaw Feed’s Cold Milled Flax into her feeding program because not only does it give her horse an amazing glow, but it also keeps his digestive system functioning optimally. April says, “It’s a great product and has delivered incredible results especially on those horses which might be coming in for show/ride season for the first time and needing some serious TLC.” She saw a tremendous difference in coat and muscle tone on the first two horses she fed it to who had been out in a field for more than a year. She has since transitioned her competition horses to Big Hoss for the added gut health it provides.

April is part of the AHA, USEF, and the AERC. She has goals of completing a couple of 25-mile rides and a 50-mile ride with her first-year horse, Bo and helping her daughter compete in a few events along the way.

Be sure to follow April on social media to see the progress of her and Bo. We’ll be cheering her on every step of the way and look forward to helping her keep her horses in tip-top shape.

Band of Outlaws

Ashley Bump

Cheektowaga, NY

Ashely Bump returns for her second year as a Band of Outlaws member hailing from Cheektowaga, NY. She currently owns and runs Mane Attraction Stables and Mane Attraction Training & Equine Services where Outlaw Feed products have become a staple in her feeding program. In addition, she is a certified vet assistant for small animals.

Ashley is heavily involved in barrel racing and a regular at the RRP Thoroughbred Makeover in Kentucky, which is where she learned of our products in the fall of 2019. Since that time, she has been using Big Hoss and Cold Milled Flax and has noticed not only “significant” improvements in shine and muscling, but enhanced weight maintenance, energy, and overall health of her horses. She loves how the products are affordable and easy to use with her horses eating them right out of her hand. “My horses are physically healthy looking and Outlaw Feed products have completely changed my feed program for the better,” says Ashley.

Being a multi-year qualifier for the NBHA Worlds and finishing 8th overall in the 2019 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover, Ashley continues to work and grow her skills. She is looking forward to competing in the 2021 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover and making it back to the NBHA Worlds. With her love of thoroughbreds, she is the director of the second career training and rehab program at Off Track Transformations, Inc. They are a fully licensed 501c3 and have started the transition of becoming fully operational out of Florida before the start of 2022. They currently accept donations towards rehab/therapy equipment, care for horses needing homes, as well as a plethora of aids to make sure each TB has the best chance at success during such a huge transition from track life to “normal horse” life. She “lives” for her horses.

Ashley routinely posts updates on social media so give her a follow. Her enthusiasm is contagious and we’re lucky to have her as part of our team. We’re excited to be a passenger on her journey in 2021.

Band of Outlaws

Brooke Drewlow

Ellsworth, WI

Brooke Drewlow runs Little Lake Equestrian based out of Ellsworth, WI. She has competed in barrel racing, trail competitions, pleasure, and gaming but has recently focused on cowboy mounted shooting. Last year she attended 11 events but plans to up that number for the 2021 season across Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and possibly into the Dakotas. The program at her stable rewards riders of multiple disciplines based on the number of shows they attend along with a trail riding option for those that want to log longer miles.

Little Lake Equestrian has a variety of riders and horses all needing different areas of attention. Brooke includes Outlaw Feed Cold Milled Flax into the diet of all her horses to help with inflammation issues on one and improving weight gain and energy on others. “Our performance horses benefit with it as it has helped give them usable energy that doesn’t make them “hot”. We love the added benefits of the healthy glow they have! The improvements we’ve seen have been so much better than any other product,” says Brooke. They even include it in the feed for their chickens and beef steers.

Brooke is an alumnus of 4-H and FFA and is a current member of the WSCA, Cowboy Mounted Shooting Assoc., and the US Mounted Shooting. She participated in the MN Hooved Animal Rescue Trainers Challenge and represented the BLM Mustang breed at the MN Horse Expo in the past. Currently, she is prioritizing shooting and working with one of her young mares to get her ready for shoots. One of her goals is to move up a level or two with her horses and earn enough points to qualify for CMSA Worlds.

Brooke is active on social media and posts regular updates on her progress and the progress of her riders and horses. Follow along as they take on the 2021 season. We’re excited to see her progress in the shooting competitions and cheer her on.

Band of Outlaws

Jaylynn Frandrup

Hastings, MN

Jaylynn Frandrup is a first-year Band of Outlaws member from Hastings, MN currently attending South Dakota State University. Together with her horse, Sonny, they plan on keeping themselves busy this 2021 season on the dressage circuit with showing in at least 7 events with the goal of qualifying for the end of the year Champ Show.

Jaylynn is also an active member of her local and university community as an FFA officer, a member of the Hastings Snomos, part of Little International, a member of Sigma Alpha Sorority, and was named the 2019 Defensive Player of the Year for soccer.

Sonny currently gets Outlaw Feed’s Cold Milled Flax and will be trying Big Hoss very soon. Jaylynn loves how simple and easy the products are to include in her feeding program and the benefits have really helped Sonny with gut health, improved his coat quality and shine, and his mane and tail have shown enhanced health and thickness. “I chose Outlaw Feed because the ingredients were local and simple. I do not want to overload my horses’ gut and your product gives him exactly what he needs,” said Jalynn.

To stay updated on the progress of Jaylynn and Sonny, be sure to follow them on social media. We wish them luck and are excited to have them as part of our team for the 2021 season. We’re looking forward to cheering them on.

Band of Outlaws

Amelia Johnson

Saginaw, MN

Amelia Johnson is from Saginaw, MN, and is a second-year member of our Band of Outlaws. She participates in barrel racing and pole bending along with some trail and endurance riding.

Amelia believes in good nutrition and health routines for her horses are essential. She includes Big Hoss in all her horses’ diets. When asked about the benefits Amelia says, “I have noticed the improvement in the shine of their coats, muscle endurance is better, and no more sore muscles. I only feed this supplement and have not had to add or use any additional supplements or ulcer guards when traveling and in stressful conditions. My horses have maintained a nice healthy weight all winter as well with a shine to their coat.”

Regularly competing in barrel race and game events, Amelia has notched her share of awards. She’s looking to continue on that path during the 2021 season and futurity her 5-year-old barrel horse along with getting her 4-year-old ready to compete next year. Outside of the competition, she likes to relax and do some trail riding and camping with her horses and take in the beautiful countryside the surrounding area and states have to offer.

Social media updates are common for Amelia and her horses. Be sure to follow her progress through 2021. We’re looking forward to another great year together with Amelia and her horses.

Band of Outlaws

Allison Kavey

Millbrook, NY

Allison Kavey is an international Grand Prix dressage competitor and a first-year member of Band of Outlaws from Millbrook, NY. When not with her horses she is a full professor in history at CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the CUNY Graduate Center specializing in the Renaissance, the history of science, and the history of medicine and holds a PhD in the history of science and medicine.

Allison values excellent nutrition and primarily feeds a whole food diet to her training and competition horses and switched to our Cold Milled Flax after finding whole flaxseed was not getting the desired results. “I noticed a significant improvement in coat quality, overall condition, and muscle development,” she says after switching to Outlaw Feed. She loves the quality, guaranteed nutrition, and natural stability of the product.

The 2021 competition season is already underway for Allison and she has some hardware to show for it. Riding Andrea Woodner’s horses Ciha’s Utopia and Hortelano LXXXV she garnered top-level finishes at the CDI held at the Global Dressage Festival in Florida. Both horses along with her personal horse, Bheatrix, have additional showings on tap. Allison loves to compete, and she will be qualifying Citha’s Utopia for Devon at Grand Prix and Hortelano LXXXV for Devon at 4th level. Hortelano will also qualify for regionals at 4th level and Prix St Georges. Bheatrix will be competing at 4th level this season too, and if successful, she too will go to Devon at 4th level.

Be sure to give Allison and her horses a follow on social media. We are extremely excited to have Allison be part of our team for 2021 and looking forward to seeing her keep up her winning ways.

Band of Outlaws

Bobbie Jo Manikowski

Sheyenne, ND

Bobbie Jo Mankikowski joins the Band of Outlaws for her third consecutive year. She has been a member since the inception of the program. She has been riding and competing on horseback since before she could walk straight and operates and trains on her ranch out of Sheyenne, ND. She is a former US service member completing a tour in Iraq in 2008-09 and we thank her for her service to our country.

Outlaw Feed Cold Milled Flax and Big Hoss are both staples in her barn. Big Hoss is used in her broodmare program and on any horse recovering from injury. She appreciates the gut health and boost to the immune system it provides to help improve the overall health of her horses. The Cold Milled Flax is provided to the other horses and animals on the ranch. “I really like how this product reduces/eliminates the “haybelly” appearance. This is very important for me when training young horses and preparing them for their next home. Joint health is an added benefit that is not usually discussed but is essential for the horses’ longevity,” comments Bobbie Jo. She even adds the Cold Milled Flax to the chicken diet and the food for her ranch dogs. When asked why she chose Outlaw Feed she said, “I was looking for a product that would help my horses not just feel good but look good too. As a former livestock feed consultant, I knew what “tag dressing” looked like and I did not want to buy a product that was magic dust. I needed a product that my horses’ gut easily utilizes and that was fairly priced.”

Bobbie Jo has held multiple rodeo princess titles along with bull riding and ranch rodeo buckles filling the trophy case. Growing a little older she now sticks to judging those rodeo queen contests and working and training horses on her ranch. The broodmares are taking center stage this year and she has acquired two new mares, one just so happens to be the dam of her bay mare, giving her three generations of mares. She is proud to introduce her AQHA stallion Texana Tot, “Voight”, a 2018 5-panel N/N buckskin roan ranch horse.

Bobbie Jo attended Kansas State University and during that time was involved in several different clubs and organizations. Together with her team, they placed 3rd two years in a row during the National Agri-Marketing Association. Currently, she is a member of the National Cattlemen's Beef Assoc., the NRA, The American Legion Post #0294, and the VFW. She takes pride in everything she does and loves her horses.

She posts regular updates on her social media accounts so please give her a follow. We’re honored to have her as part of our Band of Outlaws team and look forward to a successful 2021 together.

Band of Outlaws

Crystal Moldenhauer

Bloomington, MN

Crystal Moldenhauer joins Band of Outlaws for a second year. She is from Bloomington, MN, and is looking to get back to her “pleasure” roots for 2021 by showing her gelding, Risky, in hunt seat. She has won multiple checks, has earned buckles, and had numerous placings throughout the years. She was named WSCA Ms. Games during the 2018-19 season and is looking forward to the 2021 season with events opening back up to show how she and her horses have improved.

Crystal has fed her horses the Cold Milled Flax for nearly two years and continues to be impressed with the results. “The #1 change I’ve noticed is my horses’ overall condition - great muscle tone, shiny coats, strong hooves, and more,” says Crystal. She’s excited to get her new 2-year-old out and into some halter classes to show off some of those results. She’s a member of multiple riding clubs along with WSCA, NBHA, APHA, and the AQHA and hopes to get to 12-15 events in 2021.

Away from her horses, she is active with her company’s wellness committee and she volunteers for Adopt a Husky MN. She is an animal lover. Social media updates are common from Crystal and she loves to show off her horses. Give her a follow and cheer her on in 2021. We’re honored she’s chosen to represent Outlaw Feed and be part of the team.

Band of Outlaws

Kali Schilling

Zwingle, IA

Kali Schilling hails from Zwingle, IA, and is a first-year Band of Outlaw Member. She was a member of the Dean’s List while attending college and mainly focuses on performance horses. She’s involved with the Tri-State Saddle Club and the River Rodeo Committee.

Kali has a stable of horses and stays busy attending 30+ barrel races and jackpots throughout the season. She’s placed at some larger barrel racing events and has been a buckle series champion. She’s looking to keep those winning ways going for the 2021 season and she’d like to make time to season and train some younger horses.

Kali feeds her horses Outlaw Feed Cold Milled Flax and Big Hoss and has seen improvements in several areas. “I believe in this product,” says Kali and is looking forward to further promoting Outlaw Feed and the success she has had using it with her horses.

Be sure to check out her social media pages to stay updated on how her season is progressing. We’re thrilled to be along for the ride with her for the 2021 season.

Band of Outlaws

Katie Tenerowicz

Plymouth, MI

Katie Tenerowicz joins the Band of Outlaws for the first time in 2021. She is from Plymouth, MI, and stays as busy as she possibly can in and out of the equestrian world. In addition to her being part of AQHA, AQHYA, MQHA, MQHYA, Michigan 4-H, Spur of the Moment Horse Club, MIHA, and NCHA she’s also part of AKC with English Mastiffs, a local photography group, and a local Mounted Archery group. She actively shows and competes in showmanship, all-around, hunt seat equestrian, ranch riding, performance trail, saddleseat, hunter under saddle, dressage, reining, gymkhana, liberty, and driving. She likes to have a little variety in her equestrian skills.

Katie has all three of her horses on Big Hoss. She is enamored with the results. From helping turn her black horse a nice shiny dark black, help with better muscle tone on her horses, improved mane and tail growth, to help with digestive/ulcer issues, helping maintain optimal body scores on stall rested horses, and helping cut her Shetland’s fatty crest in half. She says, “Outlaw Feed products have become miracle products for my animals. They have proven to benefit in multiple ways. As an Equine Nutrition student, they tick all of my boxes for quality products.”

Finishing her youth equestrian career with her three horses with a bang is a top priority for Katie. She also found a barrel horse she hopes to get ready and run NYATT at congress. She has a long list of awards won and wants to add to that collection of hardware. Down the road, she hopes to get into an equine nutrition career.

Katie is active on social media so be sure to look her up and see those beautiful horses she has. We’re thrilled to have Katie as part of our team and looking forward to watching her fulfill those goals.

Band of Outlaws

Stacia Tuchscherer

Fond Du Lac, WI

Stacia Tuchscherer is from Fond Du Lac, WI and is a first-year Band of Outlaws member. She currently uses our cold Milled Flax, our Hemp Seed Pellets, and is starting to incorporate Big Hoss into her feeding program. She’s working on getting her Arab, Moe, back to full health after and injury so they can get back into endurance riding. She also has a Haflinger who is looking better than ever. She is thrilled with how her horses look and feel and loves the compliments she gets from others regarding her horses.

Stacia is very active on social media posting about her horses. Be sure to look her up and track the progress her and Moe are making. We’re looking forward to having them as part of our program and can’t wait until they’re able to get back out there.

Band of Outlaws

Erin Weber

Woodburn, IA

Erin Weber is from Woodburn, IA, and is a first-year Band of Outlaws member and a distributor for Outlaw Feed. Erin, together with her husband Mike, run MEC Equine services providing MagnaWave and farrier services to their clients in addition to selling Outlaw Feed products.

Erin primarily participates in ranch horse classes and has had multiple top 5 placings with her 3-year-old filly and was top 5 overall with her 4-year-old in the 2019 IA Rach Horse Futurity. She plans on continuing that success in 2021 by entering the IQHA Mayflower, Hawkeye Classic, IQHA Fall Classic/Ranch Horse Futurity, and more. She has goals of qualifying for the VRH World Show for 2022 and top 5 finishes with her 4-year-old at Ranch Futurity.

She became aware of Outlaw Feed at the 2020 Ranch Futurity and due to results, she became a dealer. She feeds our Cold Milled Flax, Big Hoss, and Hemp Seed Pellets to her horses, and her show pigs are getting Stocked Up. Her horses have become shiny and developed dapples, her pigs are blooming nicely, and all her animals are holding weight better than before on less grain. “I am so impressed with results,” says Erin.

Be sure to follow Erin and MEC Equine services on social media. If you’re near the Woodburn, IA area or traveling through, be sure to connect with her to get covered with all your Outlaw Feed product needs. We’re looking forward to the future with Erin and MEC Equine.

Band of Outlaws

Ashley Wright

Ramsey, MN

Ashley Wright owns and runs The Wright Performance Horses and is a third-year member of our Band of Outlaws program. She specializes in training and showing in western utility and vaulting and has recently begun doing equine seminars/clinics at her barn. She is from Ramsey, MN, and is involved with organizations such as CVI, AVA, and USEF. She has a variety of horses in her barn and plans on partaking in 8-12 events during the 2021 season consisting of WSCA shows, cattle/ranch work, and CVI level vaulting shows.

Ashley uses the Cold Milled Flax, Big Hoss, and Hemp Seed Pellets throughout the barn and has seen dramatic improvements in her horses from all. She loves how our products tend to work differently to help improve the health of each horse in the areas they need most. She said, “I have many types of horses with individual needs and these products work well for all.” Her results have ranged from improved muscle growth, quicker recovery times, less stiffness and soreness in joints, enhanced coat bloom, reduction in healing time for injuries, and help with combatting ulcers.

Finishing 1st place at the 2019 AVA Nationals in the walk class and 4th place in Gold, Ashley looks to continue to build on that with 2021 goals of placing in WSCA game events, holding multiple demo clinics, and finishing Gold top 10 and Copper top 20 in vaulting.

We’re excited to be part of her team to achieve those goals and have her represent Outlaw Feed. Be sure to follow her on social media to cheer her on.

Band of Outlaws

Natalie Zuccone

Somerset, WI

Somerset, WI resident, Natalie Zuccone, makes her return to Band of Outlaws for a second year. Natalie is very active in the barrel racing world and is currently in Texas with her trusty sidekick, Clyde, working on getting better every day. Clyde loves the Big Hoss and is looking fantastic.

Natalie attends 1-2 races a week and is a member of BBR and WPRA. Last season she won over $30K and hopes to improve on that in 2021. She’ll be looking to take home a check from bigger events such as the BBR Finals, the WPRA Finals, the Triple Crown Race, and American qualifiers. Her goal remains to qualify for RFDTV’s The American rodeo.

We’re very enthusiastic about having Natalie be part of our team again this year and can’t wait to cheer her on towards her 2021 goals. Be sure to follow Natalie and Clyde on social media to follow their progress.