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Premium flax for canines

Premium Health for Canines: Unleashed Premium Flax

Unleashed, our canine-specific supplement is unique in the market. It combines the benefits of Omega-3 from Cold Milled Flax with a proprietary all-natural microbial ingredient and select natural berries. These elements feed your dog’s healthy gut flora, neutralize negative bacteria throughout the digestive tract, combat free radicals, and provide additional health to the liver, eyes, bones, teeth, brain, and heart.

Unleashed promotes a strong and robust immune system, maintains a healthy coat/skin, supports strong athletic and reproductive performance, maintains proper gut/digestive integrity, promotes a healthy allergen/inflammatory response, and promotes shorter recovery times for working canines.

For a canine feeding program designed to enhance your dog’s diet and overall health for a happy and joyful life, give us a call at 612.465.0417.