Cold Milled Flax

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Cold-milled flax is a beneficial, nutrient-dense feed ingredient for all animals and an excellent source of the essential fatty acids (EFAs) provided by Omega-6 and more specifically, Omega-3 fat. EFA’s are required for satisfactory health but are unable to be naturally produced by the animal and need to be added to the diet. With over three times the amount of Omega-3 vs. Omega-6, including these EFAs in your animal’s diet may help maintain a healthy skin and coat, support a strong immune system, maintain healthy joints and muscles, and promote healthy digestion. When used correctly, cold milled flax has shown a number of animal-specific benefits that can translate into healthier animals. This product is safe to use with equines and livestock.

Available in 30-Day Flax Pax, 25lb bags, and 50lb bags. A 50lb bag will last one 1,000lb animal approximately 3 months.