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premium flex supplement for animal sales

Sell Healthier, Stronger Animals with Premium Flax Products

Engaging in the buying and selling of animals necessitates thorough and meticulous care in order to maximize your profit. Complications such as sickness, injury, digestive issues, body condition, and more can influence the time and financial investment required prior to the sale of an animal. The goal is to ensure your animal is in peak health and condition to provide you with the best possible profit margin and provide your customer with an outstanding purchase. Outlaw Nutrition’s premium products can help you attain these goals.

Our unique combination of Cold Milled Flax, vitamins, and gut health agents creates an unmatched supplement in Big Hoss, Stocked Up, Unleashed. The Cold Milled Flax delivers the benefits of Omega-3 fat, soluble and insoluble fiber, and protein, offering a low sugar/low starch nutrient-dense supplement to your animal. The specially developed gut health ingredient nurtures the beneficial bacteria in the gut, helping to balance pH and invigorate the animal’s immune system.

The result is a highly efficient gut that aids in the absorption of nutrients from regular feed and amplifies the benefits of flax. This boosts feed efficiency and promotes muscle growth, improving muscle definition, coat health, reducing inflammation, and enhancing digestive function as you prepare your animal for sale. A fortified immune system will help your animals fend off sickness and recover from injuries more efficiently.

Maintaining optimal levels of Omega-3 fat, high-quality protein, and a beneficial population of gut bacteria is vital to maintaining your animal’s health leading up to the sale day. All this is achieved at an affordable price and with limited time investment. Our products are known to replace multiple supplements, saving you additional time and money.

To discuss how our products can specifically help improve your sales strategy and foster healthier, more profitable animals, please give us a call at 612.465.0417.