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Maximize Leisure and Health with Our Premium Flax Products

Our special mix of Cold Milled Flax, vitamins, and digestive health agents, creates an exceptional supplement in Big Hoss, Stocked Up and Unleashed. The Cold Milled Flax provides Omega-3 fats, soluble and insoluble fiber, and protein, resulting in a low sugar/low starch nourishing supplement for your animal. The specially designed gut health ingredient nourishes the beneficial gut bacteria, helps in pH balance, and boosts the animal’s immune system. This leads to the gut operating at its best to absorb nutrients from the regular feed, enhancing the benefits of the flax and strengthening the immune system to protect against and recover from illnesses and injuries.

Protein of high quality is important in maintaining and repairing muscles. Our Hempseed Protein is a unique natural product containing all 10 essential amino acids in the right proportions. It provides an extra protein source to your feed and improves its protein profile, helping your animal use protein from other sources more efficiently. This ensures your animal’s muscles can repair and maintain themselves, ensuring their strength and vitality over time.

Our premium products promote a healthy inflammatory response, sustain a robust immune system, support healthy skin and coat, encourage healthy hooves, and more. Keeping optimal levels of Omega-3 fats, high-quality protein, and beneficial gut bacteria is vital to maintaining your animal’s health at any stage of life.

Outlaw Nutrition’s products, Big Hoss, Stocked Up, Unleashed, and Hempseed Protein, are designed to keep your animals feeling their best and looking great, so you can continue making wonderful memories together.

To discuss how our products can specifically aid in improving your animal’s health and well-being, please give us a call at 612.465.0417.