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Premium Flax Products for Premium Breeding

Breeding animals can pose significant challenges, and giving due attention to nutrition is paramount for success. Proper amounts of Omega-3 fat and robust immune and digestive systems are crucial for your animal’s health and fertility. Outlaw Nutrition’s premium products are here to support you and your animals by ensuring the right levels of Omega-3 fat while promoting optimal nutrient absorption and a stimulated immune system.

Our distinctive blend of Cold Milled Flax, vitamins, and gut health agents form an exceptional supplement in Big Hoss, Stocked Up, and Unleashed. The Cold Milled Flax delivers Omega-3 fat, soluble and insoluble fiber, and protein, all in a low sugar/low starch nutrient-dense supplement for your animal. The specially developed gut health ingredient supplies nutrients to the beneficial gut bacteria, thereby balancing the pH and bolstering the animal’s immune system. This results in a highly functional gut that aids in nutrient absorption from regular daily feed and amplifies the benefits of flax. A fortified immune system helps your animals fend off sickness and cope with the pressures of breeding and pregnancy.

Research has revealed that adding Omega-3s to animal diets can improve sperm quality in males and stabilize cycles in females. Further research has indicated that animals supplemented with additional Omega-3s experienced improved conception rates and reduced pregnancy losses.

Our products provide additional fat, which serves as a long-burning energy source for females during pregnancy and lactation. Moreover, the Omega-3s will pass through the mother’s milk to the offspring, aiding their development.

Our premium products help foster a healthy inflammatory response, sustain a robust immune system, support healthy skin/coat, promote healthy hooves, and more. Keeping optimal levels of Omega-3 fat, high-quality protein, and beneficial gut bacteria is key to maintaining your animal’s health throughout the breeding process.

To discuss how our products can specifically improve your breeding program, enhancing not only the fertility but also the overall health of your animals, please give us a call at 612.465.0417.