Big Hoss

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Equine Nutrition Supplement

Big Hoss is specifically formulated for the working or performance horse and is packed with the powerhouse benefits of Omega-3 from our Cold Milled Flax and a unique microbial ingredient specifically formulated for the horse to help maintain a healthy gut environment along with essential vitamins and minerals. This all-natural supplement feeds the healthy gut flora while also working to neutralizes the negative bacteria found throughout the digestive tract all the while strengthening the immune system and providing support for a healthy coat, maintaining healthy joints, and promoting healthy hooves, lungs, and heart.

Big Hoss can reduce, or in some cases replace, multiple supplements you may already be feeding thus saving you time and money. Add Big Hoss to improve your horse’s performance, health, and overall nutrition of your feeding program. Big Hoss is a supplement and does not contain a full vitamin/mineral pack. Please consult with an Outlaw Nutrition representative for more information or your nutrionist for further feeding recommendations.

Available in 30-Day Supply, 25lb bags, and 50lb bags. A 50lb bag will last one horse approximately 3 months.