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Premium flax for dairy cattle

Elevate Dairy Cattle Wellness: Choose Stocked Up Premium Flax

As ruminant animals, dairy cattle require a plant-based diet, typically higher in Omega-3 (anti-inflammatory) fat than Omega-6 (pro-inflammatory) fat. However, with most manufactured feed products using soy/corn oil, high in Omega-6 fat, many dairy cattle lack Omega-3 fat. Outlaw Nutrition’s premium products address this deficiency, promoting a healthy and robust immune system and providing an all-natural source of Omega-3 fat and protein.

Our Stocked Up livestock nutrition supplement consists of a unique blend of Cold Milled Flax, vitamins, cultured bacteria, and a natural toxin binder. It promotes improved feed intake efficiency, supports optimal daily weight gains, promotes lower somatic cell counts, supports less frequent instances of mastitis, and maintains superior health and performance for young animals.

The Omega-3 fat provides an all-natural stamina energy source to help keep your cattle producing and healthy. The immune system and healthy inflammatory response will help fend off disease while promoting faster recovery times in case of sickness.

By using Stocked Up you can provide a potent plant-based, all-natural boost to your dairy cattle and it’s safe to use with antibiotics or other medicated feed. For more info on how our products can help improve and maintain herd health, contact us at 612.465.0417.