Stocked Up

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Livestock Nutrition Supplement

Stocked Up livestock nutrition supplement is packed with the benefits of Omega-3 from our Cold Milled Flax including a unique fermentation product that significantly increases the healthy rumen bacteria population while working to neutralize negative bacteria throughout the intestinal tract.

Product is safe for all ruminants and use with antibiotics and other medicated feed programs. Stocked Up is a supplement and does not contain a full vitamin/mineral pack. Please consult with an Outlaw Feed representative for more information or your nutrionist for further feeding recommendations.

This product was produced in a facility certified in the American Feed Industry Association’s Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program; for details go to: Stocked Up is an approved supplement by the American Grassfed Association.

Available in 10lb, 25lb bags, and 50lb bags. A 50lb bag will last one 1000lb animal approximately 3 months.