... Cold Milled Flax is an essential part of her diet

“Lady is a 17-year-old Andalusian cross, and I found her in urban Tucson living in a 12′ x 12′ dog kennel with her eight-month-old foal. The “before” picture was taken the morning after I bought her. Getting her back to a healthy weight was a top priority, and Outlaw Feed Cold Milled Flax was part of my plan. I started her on just one scoop a day and gradually worked up to three per day mixed in with beet pulp and alfalfa pellets. That’s it! No fancy supplements needed. Her transformation in this short time is amazing. Even though she is an older mare, she is high energy and will go all day. Now that I am conditioning her under saddle, Cold Milled Flax is an essential part of her diet to keep her at a healthy weight with the increased calorie output. You can fall down the rabbit hole buying expensive supplements, or you can use something that’s proven, budget friendly, and all-natural. The proof is in the pictures. These two pictures were taken just 10 weeks apart. Outlaw Feed Flax works.”

Alissa Berry
High Plains Arena, AZ

Testimonials Testimonials

Big Hoss has changed my horses outlook on life. They are much more relaxed and their stomach ulcers and hindgut acidosis have been reduced to almost nothing. I highly recommend Big Hoss!

Lowell E.Liberty Hill, SC
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I couldn’t believe how fast he healed...

“One of my colts currently on Big Hoss had injured himself in the pasture. I couldn’t believe how fast he healed after only 2 weeks. WOW…Such great results!”

Hugo, Minnesota


Thanks to Outlaw Feed we have received many compliments regarding our horses' coats, body condition, and fitness levels. All of our horses look amazing whether in competition or pleasure!

Courtney HaesslyFox Ridge Stable

... totally confident in its safety and productivity

“A Belgian I rescued showed signs of improvement within six weeks of using Outlaw Feed Cold Milled Flax. He started to gain energy again, muscle tone, willingness to work, and his hooves grew stronger. Like many draft horses, they are sensitive to feeds but I am totally confident in its safety and productivity and would recommend it for many uses in all horse types.”

Ashley Wright
The Wright Performance Horses

Testimonials Testimonials
Testimonials Testimonials

... I love how shiny my horses are

“Ever since I started feeding Outlaw Feed Cold Milled Flax, I love how shiny my horses are and how much their tails have filled out. Being Appaloosas, they have a hard time keeping their tails, but this product has been great to help alleviate that problem. Their hooves have also improved so much without doing anything other than adding the milled flax to their diet that my farrier has taken notice. Outlaw Feed Cold Milled Flax has been an awesome addition to my feed.’


“I started my herd on Outlaw Feed in the spring of this year (2018). I was initially drawn to it because of the health benefits I had experienced myself in adding flax to my diet- better digestion, improved hair growth, as well as clearer skin. Sure enough, after only a few weeks of my horses being on the feed, the results from this product became obvious. The biggest improvement was with my off the track mare (pictured), who had not dappled previously for several years and had been struggling with holding her weight. Only a few weeks into feeding the Cold Milled Flax, she was absolutely glowing, and starting to gain weight. Anxious tendencies dissipated as well, which I had not anticipated but was happy to report. My entire herd has never looked better, and I’ve seen a rise in energy levels even from my older horses when put on the flax! This product has become a staple in my barn.”

My entire herd has never looked better, and I've seen a rise in energy levels even from my older horses when put on the flax! This product has become a staple in my barn.

Kali GrovesCopper Moon Ranch

Equine With Recurrent Uveitis

“I am very impressed with the results. He is still receiving ointment on the eye, but I'm really shocked at the difference in the upper eye lid. Tonight when I took his fly mask off to do his ointment, he was able to keep his eye all the way open, instead of squinting 90% of the time. So far, and the fact that he loves it so much that he's willing to eat it with nothing being added...I am very happy with these results!! I am for sure going to keep him on it! We have some of our 25-lb bag left and will be picking up a 50lb shortly.”

ReLeighHorse Owner

Equine Rescue

...I have attached two photos of one of the horse we rescued from auction. You can see he is making great progress thanks to your feed...it's been just under a month. I want to thank you guys again so much for everything you are doing for horses...Thanks!

TawneePresident of Horse Plus Humane Society (HorseHumane.org)