Equine With Recurrent Uveitis

“I am very impressed with the results. He is still receiving ointment on the eye, but I'm really shocked at the difference in the upper eye lid. Tonight when I took his fly mask off to do his ointment, he was able to keep his eye all the way open, instead of squinting 90% of the time. So far, and the fact that he loves it so much that he's willing to eat it with nothing being added...I am very happy with these results!! I am for sure going to keep him on it! We have some of our 25-lb bag left and will be picking up a 50lb shortly.”

ReLeighHorse Owner
ReLeigh - Uveitis

Equine Rescue

...I have attached two photos of one of the horse we rescued from auction. You can see he is making great progress thanks to your feed...it's been just under a month. I want to thank you guys again so much for everything you are doing for horses...Thanks!

TawneePresident of Horse Plus Humane Society (HorseHumane.org)
Rescue Horse