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Big Hoss is specifically formulated for the working or performance horse and is packed with the powerhouse benefits of Omega-3 from our Cold Milled Flax and a unique microbial ingredient specifically formulated for the horse to help maintain a healthy gut environment along with essential vitamins and minerals. Learn More

Stocked Up livestock supplement is packed with the benefits of Omega-3 from our Cold Milled Flax including a unique fermentation product that significantly increases the healthy rumen bacteria population while working to neutralize negative bacteria throughout the intestinal tract. Learn More

Specifically formulated for canines, Unleashed is packed with the benefits of Omega-3 from Cold Milled Flax along with a proprietary all-natural microbial ingredient that feeds your canine’s healthy gut flora while working to neutralize the negative bacteria throughout the digestive tract. Learn More

Cold milled flax is a beneficial, nutrient-dense feed ingredient for all animals and an excellent plant-based source of essential fatty acids (EFAs), specifically, Omega-3 fat. Learn More

Hemp Seed Pellets provide your animal with a plant-based high-quality protein source containing all 10 essential amino acids in the proper proportion to be efficiently utilized by the body. They also contain identified essential fatty acids and both soluble and insoluble fiber all in a palatable pellet. Learn More